Monday 3 March 2014

Weekend FO: Ravellenics Jumper

I said it would be keeping me busy for a good two weeks.

 Pattern: Swivel Pullover by Keri Blumer, from Interweave
Yarn: Laalbear BFL worsted, from their Naturals line (oh on....should really, really not have started looking at the Etsy shop)
Needle: 5mm and 4.5mm
Mods: I fiddled with the body pattern, unnecessarily - I thought I would not do the shift-on-very-row section but keep it every two rows to make the body a bit longer. Then I had to start the hip increases and realised there was a stonking great cable in the row, so I had to change my plan, only I was lazy and tried to backdate my cable shift by a row, which made it look a bit messy....when will I learn? I think I fixed it so it looks OK, anyway.
I also adjusted the sleeves as I was not getting 28 rows to 4 inches, but 24 rows, which is the general ratio for 18 sts/4 inches, from what I can see. There's a comment about this on the Ravelry page; I do think it is a bit odd that the pattern would run with such an unusual gauge. Granted, I was not knitting it in the specified yarn and I didn't wash my swatch (hopefully this will not result in another "When will I learn?" moment upon blocking), but when row gauge is so important for a project, you'd think the designer and technical editors would strive to ensure the gauge is a conventional one.

Maybe I am misunderstanding how gauge works. I almost never measure my row gauge, after all.

Check me out, experimenting with non-hands-on-hips poses. 

It is really a joyful piece of knitting. It's a really flattering shape and longer at the back than the front, which I like. The body, including neck ribbing, was off the needles within the two weeks - and considering I didn't join in the round until the second week that was good going; the sleeves took another week, and it was a busy one, so I was pleased. They may need another 3 rows of ribbing, I conceded after wearing it today, but I really should block it first.

The yarn has great sproing to it and it's lovely and warm, and not itchy - I wore it with a vest top. The sweater took 6 skeins plus about 5 yards of a 7th - less than 1000m, all told. I was surprised.

Two garments finished so far in 2014...maybe I will achieve my target of 12 by the end of the year. Well, not now I've said that, I expect.

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