Monday 21 April 2014

Weekend WIP

I sulked for a few days about my missing knitting (stop press: the teacher from the other school thinks he *might* have it in his office at work...I'm on tenterhooks) and so didn't have anything very knitting-group-appropriate OTNs at the start of the weekend. Then I had to get up early and wait for the proofs of the book rewrites to be delivered... an aside, I as SUPER excited to get the first set of proofs of the first edition through and capered a lot. Now the proofs come through and I just look at them and think, ugh, more work I don't have time to do. Jaded already....

...and so I picked up the black lace scarf I started for Parpy Jo last year and got so into it that, even though the proofs arrived at 9am and I had a new, easy pattern on the iPad to take for casting on at Knatterers I stayed at home and worked on that instead. And then carried on for the rest of the weekend.

The pattern specifies 48 repeats for a 60 inch scarf, but this thing is 42 repeats and already at 55 inches with no border, and that's only with crap blocking for the picture. I am considering guillotining it now and getting started on the border. Really though, it's because I've long since memorised the pattern (it's only a 6 stitch repeat over 4 RS rows) and knitting black lace on dark wooden needles requires my spotlight to be on even when it's sunny outside (I kid you not) and I don't know if I can face six more repeats. Maybe with a good film I've seen half a dozen times that does not require much focus. I don't think 6 repeats would take me much longer than a decent film to complete.

I quite like the pattern, although the yarn isn't great. It's Zitron Filigran and the ball got itself tangled up, and then when I tried to rewind it, it had thin bits and kept breaking. I wonder whether maybe it was wound overly tightly but I can't understand how that might have happened. Luckily it spit splices back together really easily. I am hoping it will bloom a bit when I block. It's not as nice as the Malabrigo Lace, but I remember that black version of that being too charcoal for my liking.

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