Monday 16 June 2014

Weekend FO: Barber Pole

It's actually last weekend's FO, but you'll have to let me off.

Pattern: Nostalgia Top by Marina Hayes
Yarn: Patons Smoothie, just under two balls of red, just over two balls of white
Needle: 3.25mm (and don't I know it)
Mods: As discussed before, I did the bottom edge as an icord bind off instead of doing the ribbing, thus changing the shape of the top from something tight at top and bottom with a baggy middle, which is I guess the nostalgia part, being quite 1920s.
I did some short rows on the top ribbing to make it slightly raised at the front, as I didn't really want 3 inches of ribbing all the way around.
I used that fabulous striped grosgrain ribbon for straps instead of knitting straps.

Spot the dodgy kitchener. I haven't blocked it yet and I am hoping this will make that a bit more even. I am also unhappy with the bind off; I did Jeny's surprisingly stretchy bind off bit it's a bit too floppy. I'm not sure I can face ripping it back because that will involve removing the straps; if blocking doesn't help I might thread a little shirring elastic through the top of the bind off.

It is really very comfortable, and I was very relieved and pleased when I got about halfway through knitting the rectangle and realised that one edge was coming out a big longer than the other, possibly thanks to me slipping the first stitch of each wrong side row to make picking up easier. This became my top edge.

It got lots of compliments from my colleague on the school residential I attended at the weekend. I really like it a lot.

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