Monday 2 June 2014

Weekend WIP

When I initially announced my intention it knit 12 garments in 2014, I forgot that I had (a) a fairly complex lace project to finish and (b) 22ish hats to knit for Christmas. So, I think I might be onto a loser with that resolution; but managing to churn out a top in roughly the month of May has helped make me think it might still be possible, even though I know I am clutching at straws.

Still, if the projects are all this straightforward, you never know.

I grafted the tube together on Thursday night, then picked up round the bottom, knit one row and did an i-cord bind off to finish it off. I do love the way it looks but it took aaaaaaaages. It has changed the shape of the garment, though, so that it doesn't hug at the bottom which would not have been a great look for me.

Then on Saturday I picked up round the top and started the ribbing. I managed to spear my index finger in the same place three times, so now I have an actual hole in the skin and it's quite sore; srsly, I cannot recommend knitting Smoothie on 3.25mm needles. The fabric is good and firm, at least.

I reckon another inch or so and I can bind off and add the ribbon straps.

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