Monday 7 July 2014

Weekend Wip: Oud

I loved the Oud tank when I got my spring edition of Knitscene, but I couldn't work out why anybody would knit a summery top in worsted wool. Well, when I say "anybody", I mean "I" really.

So, I am knitting it in the Texere C4 linen I got at Wonderwool this year; blue for the body of the top and coral for the side panels and the neckline. I'm knitting it on 3.75mm needles so the gauge is much looser than it was on the pink star top, which was done on 3.25mm needles; in fact, it may be so loose as to be a little sheer, but, what the hell? It's a summer holiday top. I'm also knitting it in a bigger size than I would normally choose so with positive ease, hopefully it will not reveal enough to get me into trouble.

I changed it a little to add some waist shaping; I started knitting the biggest size, then did my decreases and increased to the biggest-but-one size to account for my hips. Since then it's been going quite quick; I was bemoaning, at Knatterers, the pieces technique because I know I'm going to have to knit a replica piece as soon as I bind off. But at least the front will be shorter than the back. I'd like to have it finished by the time I go on holiday in three weeks, which should be doable now that marking is basically, finally finished.

Incidentally, every time I see the word oud now it reminds me of that farcical episode of the Apprentice last year when they were shopping in Dubai and had to buy an oud, the musical instrument, but instead bought oud, the personal grooming product. I could totally have done better than all of them; I'd have bought a linen vest top.

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