Tuesday 29 July 2014

Weekend WIP: Oud


It's getting there! And today, I have finished the second lace panel, which just leaves the lace collar, the sewing up and the picking up and knitting around the armholes and the bottom . It's a pity I go on holiday tomorrow.

It is pretty sheer, but I'm not really sure what I expected. I think if I'd read the instructions properly before starting and realised that the lace panel is on a needle a whole mm bigger I might have rethought my needle/yarn combo choice, and maybe rejigged it for a finer gauge. As I have been knitting it, I have become concerned that I will never actually wear it. So, I think I will be taking it all on holiday with me, sewing up on the train to the airport, and finishing it on the beach, to wear on the beach. Hopefully. It will mean winding off some of the linen to take with me, because I am NOT lugging those cones on the plane, but it will be a small price to pay. This is definitely a garment for holidays, and if I have to wait another year to wear it we all know it will sit in the UFO pile until then.

And, anyway, I need it to get even close to my target of 12 garments in 2014. This will be number 4. It's not looking good, people, especially with 22 hats to go....

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