Saturday 18 July 2015

Scenes from the Classroom #10

Not really from the classroom, but a story related to me by the lovely school receptionist. We staged a WW1 experience day last week, with the help of the town council and the local museum; somebody brought in a de-weaponised WW1 gun that made loud bangs when you pulled the trigger with the aid of some kind of gas reaction. It involved propane. I don't know.

Predictably, we had some complaints. We'd let the local police know and I'd fully briefed the reception staff, which is just as well, because...

Neighbour: I want to complain about all this noise.
Lovely Receptionist: Oh right. Go on.
N: It's very loud. What exactly is going on?
LR: It's a WW1 experience day. X, Y and Z are happening. They are looking at some weapons and have a chance to fire a de-weaponised machine gun.
N: I don't think that's very educational
LR: What....World War One?!
N: Well, I don't think it should involve guns
LR: Er...didn't they have guns in WW1?
N: Well, yes. But anyway. It's very loud, and I don't agree with it.

People just love to complain, don't they?

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