Tuesday 23 June 2015

The Bikram Diaries: 5

It has been difficult to get to bikram as regularly lately, what with all the marking and such. However, I've tried to squeeze in at least one class a week and, oddly, I think I am making more progress than when I was managing several a week.

Today was class 31 and it was a momentous day because I managed to finally grab both feet at the same time in bow pose. It only took 31 tries, haha. Laura the instructor came over to try to help me, but then in the end I managed on my own. And I managed a good standing bow pose holding my left leg. Laura said it was gorgeous. I think she was carried away in the euphoria of my bow pose success.

The increased flexibility is making life a bit easier in small and interesting ways. I can sit comfortably cross-legged again now: I haven't been able to do that for years. I had to miss about 10 days due to all the exam board meetings and when I went back to class on Sunday morning, we got to the triangle pose, which many of the instructors refer to as the peak of the standing series, and as I sank my hips down into it I felt very calm and the stretch felt amazing. I was marvelling at how I had progressed from the start when I despised it and how good it felt to stretch my hips after having three day-long meetings in four days. Then I realised everybody else had finished and moved onto the other side. Doh. I had completely zoned out: that would never have happened at the start.

I haven't used my yoga app again yet but, well. Small steps and that.

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