Friday 19 June 2015

Weekend FO: Tequila Sunrise

It's another tequila sunrise, stirring slowly cross the skyyyyyyyy....

Pattern: Timetable Pullover by Andrea Sanchez
Yarn: Midwinter Lithuanian Linen, heavy laceweight, held double, 4 skeins minus about 2m, 1 x Coral, 1 x Glow, 2 x Cherry (1800m! That has done wonders for my yarn total for the year)
Needle: 2.75mm. I still have the callous on my index finger to prove it.
Mods: No sleeves. I didn't do the short rows and patterning across the bottom; I might have done if I had had the yarn, but instead I knitted 2x2 rib for about 4 rows, continuing the pattern on the sides as set. I did this ribbing for 3 rows on the sleeve edges as well. I think I might have added 2 more sets of increases, too - I just kept knitting until it was clear the yarn was going to run out.

The stripes don't look as I expected: I had planned to have 4 even bands of colour with a wider red one at the bottom. Plans, eh? If I had been really committed to that plan I would have done some actual maths instead of just dividing the length of the garment by 5. Learning curve. Here's what I had left:


I am really very pleased with it, because I knew that detail would really sing in the linen and it really does! This is my third 100% linen garment.

Finished in just over a month; I finished it last weekend when I had to spend the day at the Parents Z's house, because our internet went down on the day of the online marking meeting. Of course. Luckily this meant that nobody else had any computer problems so the meeting was really straightforward for me. And just as well it was finished then, because I haven't had time to put a stitch on anything since then.

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