Sunday 7 June 2015

Weekend WIP

I am still doggedly plugging away at the linen. I have poked a hole in my index finger with the pointy needle. I have had to break out hand cream because the yarn is so rough. I think it's safe to say I am past enjoyment with this now and just want the frigging thing to be finished.

Admittedly, the colours are keeping me going. I think it's going to be impossible to properly capture them - the red is really vivid. In spite of the uneven nature of the stripes, I am really pleased with how it is knitting up. The increase/decrease detailing is so crisp and proud.

I tried it on when I got to the end of the decreases and it is snug. Probably more snug than the designer intended, but not uncomfortable or unflattering. I imagine it will give a little with blocking, too, given my experience with linen in the past. I am mainly hoping it will grow lengthwise because it was not even close to being long enough; although I will have added an extra couple of inches, I will be running out of yarn soon.

Looking forward to adding 1800 metres onto my "knit this year" log, admittedly. It will bring me within two garments of beating last year's total.

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