Monday 25 April 2016

Weekend WIP: Deep North the Third

After being extremely worried about running out of yarn with only the briefest of afterthought sleeves, I spent most of the weekend grumbling about how that 4th skein as going on FOR. EVER. and I was never going to be finished.

Then I found some buttons that turned out to be a perfect colour match and so spent far too long deliberating over how I might use them to decorate the sweater (Claire suggested as nipple covers but I'm still not convinced). So when it seemed that I might have enough yarn for full length sleeves I thought I would have to abandon the button idea altogether.

Oh, it's all been going on. How I ever get any work done is beyond me.

Now I'm thinking, cuffs with a reversible cable on them to mirror the cable panel on the front, that can be turned back and buttoned or turned down when warmth is required. I have done reversible cables at least once before but it might take me a while to revisit and remember.

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