Saturday 30 April 2016

Wonderwool 2016

Our fourth year in the bunkhouse and my sixth visit to Wonderwool - I can't believe it has been that many. We had a delightful weekend as usual, although I did at times feel a bit overwhelmed by the noise and the people, especially on the Saturday. It felt really very busy this year.

Sunday was very nice though and afforded time and space for some wandering at will, so I got a good look round the stalls. Not much point though, because I had a mental list of what I wanted and I pretty much stuck to it. And here it is:

In the front row:
  • Five skeins of a new Triskelion blend that doesn't yet have a name - it's a BFL DK in colour Nicor. I never buy green but Jenny pointed it out to me and then I had to have it. He doesn't sell the Idris I bought last year anymore and I wasn't convinced of the new DK base, so it was a treat to come across this new yarn on the table. 
  • Four skeins of a delightful blue blend from Owl About Yarn. It's about 900m which I was worried would not be enough for a garment, but a quick scan of my projects revealed that this jumper used about that much and it is one of my favourites. 
  • Five skeins of Midwinter linen, the same as last year, but in blues for a gradient summer top. I have got so much wear out of the sunrise top that this was a no-brainer. I went for an extra skein this time so that I can be a bit more generous with my sleeves.
  • Five skeins of Diana Aran from Fivemoons. The lilac was marked down by a ridiculous degree and I bought the pink to match. Along with the two skeins I bought last September, that should be enough for an incredibly warm stripey jumper. 
In the back row:
  • Either side, gradient sets from Moonlight. On the left is the one I bought and knitted last year. I have some left over from that and want to make a striped jumper, but I was concerned the leftovers wouldn't be enough for a reasonable stripe so I bought this, her last kit, at the end of Sunday. I regret nothing. On the right is a gradient set with a grey skein for another scarf. This was my first purchase. 
  • In the middle, a kit to knit a large blue tit (so cute) and a Zauerball on top because I saw a shawl knitted in it and wanted it. Not until later did I realise this is roughly the same colours as that right-hand gradient kit. Oh well. 
There were buttons, too - some that make me think of Starry Night, some that are turquoise chips set in pitch, and some that are the palest purple dichroic glass. There are also two dyed mother-of-pearl buttons, not pictures, which will shortly be gracing my new jumper that is nearing completion.

I'm very pleased with my purchases and currently casting around for a suitable top-down raglan pattern for the linen. I might give in and knit the same one as before; it is a great shape and was just about interesting enough to keep me plugging away at it. 

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