Saturday 15 August 2015

Holiday FO: Wingspan

I bought this kit from Moonlight Yarns at Wonderwool and grabbed it to take on holiday with me, since it seemed perfectly portable. And so it turned out to be, although I managed to forget all stitch markers and a pair of scissors. Doh. I used a tiny ting I found on my key ring as the travelling marker and made loops out of the leftover yarn for the end-of-colour markers.

No trees harmed in the taking of this picture: I just flick the scarf at the rough bark of this sugar pine by our tent and it stuck on.
It was a totally addictive knit. I started on the plane, then each day I would knit another block and wind another colour, twice if the light was good or the drive was long. I was finished before we left Tahoe, which made this a very lazy two-week project. The colour blending is just so smooth, I couldn't stop looking at it!

Here it is with all the ends sewn in, but not yet snipped off. Mr Z offered the services of his axe but I was after something with a little more precision.
When I got home I weighed it: 86g of sock yarn, so there's not quite enough left in the baggy to knit another; but I don't think I'd be far off. The mini skeins provided by Helen at Moonlight were very generous. I can highly recommend this kit!

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