Monday 31 August 2015

Weekend WIP: Fossil top

I was going great guns on this after coming back from holiday to America. Last weekend I put a whole ball on it in a day. I packed it neatly into my knitting bag with extra yarn and another project to cast on on the plane, all ready to go to Budapest. Then I left it at home. GUTTED.

So, anyway, I have been plugging away at it this weekend and I am nearly there. I ran out of the paler blue Damask - I mentioned before that I only had 6 and the pattern called for 8. Interestingly, I think I might have managed to do it out of 6 if I'd been knitting to the pattern measurements. The body is meant to be 35cm to the underarms; when I reached this point I had about half a ball left which would probably have been enough to do the neckline. However, when I tried it on it was waaaaay too short (likely due to it stretching widthways once on) so I continued, finishing off ball 6 and starting on the darker blue, using up half a skein I had leftover from the last damask top I knitted.

What I intend to do today, whilst sitting waiting for my blood donors appointment, is pick up and knit the neckline (as you see this has already begun) in the darker blue. Then I will finish up the current ball of yarn I'm using for the bottom, and the rest of the ball I used for the neckline, and hopefully that will be long enough and I can finish it up with no pesky partial skeins.

I wanted to finish before September but I think that's a bit hopeful. Hopefully it will be next weekend's FO post.

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