Tuesday 4 August 2015

Calistoga Roastery

This afternoon, Mr Z has taken himself off for a round of golf and I'm enjoying the delicious offerings of the Calistoga Roastery while doing some preliminary book-ing. Such a lovely afternoon! This morning we ate breakfast at Cafe Sarafornia (Brannan Benedict, named in honour of the town's founder) then took a wander to an awesome bookshop where I stocked up on knitting magazines and resisted the urge to buy all the beautiful journals. After that we visited the spa - a post in itself - and now here I am, playing with my phone camera, drinking iced almond milk mocha and distracting myself from the enjoyable business of reading and page planning. An ideal way to while away a holiday afternoon.

The coffees are imaginatively named. I am tempted by Eva's bitch-in-a-bag, Darren's dark despair and Frank Sumatra.

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