Monday 11 November 2013

Weekend FO: Cabo da Roca

If I wait for natural-light pictures it will be spring, so, without further ado - a mixture of with flash and without flash (and with pyjamas but nevermind)-

Pattern: Ingenue by Wendy Bernard
Yarn: Easyknits Deeply Wicked DK in Aquillian, 4 skeins
Needle: 4.5mm
Mods: I added an extra 30 rows or so to the body. I think it was 15 in between the shaping and 10 or 15 after the decreases. With hindsight, I could have afforded to do this on the sleeves, too - I am guessing my row gauge was off - but I can always rip back and add length at a later date if the shorter sleeves put me off wearing it.
To begin with I was worried it was a little short even after the extra rows, but then it blocked to the perfect length. I love it when that happens. 

I really love the colour. It reminds me of this yarn/top I knitted in yarn from UK Rav Day in Coventry, but which I rarely wear because it is felting under the arms and is a smidge too short.

I was slightly disappointed that one of the skeins was very uneven, but I worked two skeins together on the sleeves and it was OK. I think I probably wouldn't have needed the 5th skein at all, since the yarn went so far (and to think, I was concerned I would run out), but, you live and learn.

I want to pull it up over my face like this all the time. It is so very snug! I almost didn't want to stitch the flap down so it was easier to do this. Then Jenny at knitting group pointed out I could just knit myself a cowl with the leftover yarn, to warm my upper chest and chin area, if I so desired. Excellent idea.

(Incidentally, if anybody has any better ideas on how to pose for a knitted garment picture, I'm all ears. I expect you are as sick of seeing this pose as I am. Also this one really doesn't show off the sleeves very well.)

It went superquick. The whole thing took me three weeks, though I think I could have finished it sooner if I hadn't had to go to pesky work. I really enjoyed knitting top down with raglan sleeves and think this might be my favourite way of constructing sweaters.

I have high hopes for this being the first knitted garment I've finished where somebody asks me where I bought it, instead of if I made it. 

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