Tuesday 5 November 2013

Tuesday Ten

This week....Ten Thoughts on Daylight Savings. I'm not sure I have ten thoughts on this, but here goes.

1. It's nice getting up to go to work in daylight again for a while.

2. It is pretty horrible when the rising sun over the top of Tog Hill (driving due east at this point) meets the horizon as I reach the summit. I cover 50-100 feet (no idea really - I'm terrible with distances) almost completely blind. If the road is wet, it's even worse. Thankfully, that only lasts a short while.

3. It's also a bit of a pain when driving home, directly west, as the sun sets. Thankfully (!) I seem to stay at work later these days so this is less of a hazard.

4. I do quite like darker evenings. It's a bit of a shock to start with but it's so COSY.

5. The bunny, Nause, doesn't like it in the depths of winter because he has no out-of-the-hutch time during the week. He gets a bit fractious. A couple of weeks ago he got his nose stuck in the bars of his hutch because he was trying so hard to push the door open when Mr Z was opening it.
As an aside, he does an awesome job of keeping the grass down. I haven't cut it since June. Ever since we got back from holiday and he returned from his bunny break with his previous owners, he has been eating extra hard in order to cut the jungle back, and now it's stopped growing again, he's making good progress.

6. A colleague came to work at 6.40am this morning because he forgot to change his clocks. He has a wife. And children - but clearly no smartphone or other automatically changing devices. And the biggest thing is that in this country (for any transatlantic readers) the clocks changed on October 26th, so they'd been like that all week! I'm amazed they managed it.

7. I appreciate the extra hour in bed, particularly when the change happens on a weekend during term time.

8. I also like the day or so before I get round to changing my manual clocks (of which we have only two) and when you look at the clock you think it's later than it actually is.

9. In the winter it is more difficult for my friend Beccy to Skype the UK from Australia, because when our clocks go back, theirs go forward, and the time difference is something like 13 hours which is really difficult.

10. If Scotland vote to secede next year, I reckon they will sack off British Summer Time. Whenever it comes up it always seems to be the Scottish MPs that have the biggest complaints about it. I don't really understand why, though it seems to be to do with livestock. That would be weird.

List prompt from Carole Knits, as usual. Thanks Carole!

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