Wednesday 6 November 2013

Goals for November

  • Exercise at least 16 times (let's not get too carried away, since this is traditionally my month of hibernation, and I am away for two weekends. Again. And it's the 6th but I've only managed to go twice so far.)
  • Lose 10lbs. Again.
  • Recruit a cleaner.
  • Clear out the wardrobe and organise The Tights.
  • Finish the blue jumper.
  • Make a good start on knitting the Christmas wreath I have my eye on. I think I need to knit 66 leaves for it. Maybe I can have knitted half by the end of the month? We'll see.
  • Make some semblance of a start on Parpy Jo's black lace scarf that she requested on her birthday, in June.
  • Create wider reading lists for all the units I'm teaching year 8 and 9 this year.
I'm going for ALL GREEN this month.

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