Tuesday 26 November 2013

Tuesday Ten

Ten Things I'm Thankful For

1. My health.

2. My fitness - I weigh a lot but I cope with it well thanks to keeping fit.

3. My job. I am quite lucky to have a job, especially one that I (mostly) love with colleagues that make my working day such a pleasure, and a supportive boss.

4. Mr Z, of course. I do think I would be a large puddle on the floor most of the time if it wasn't for his encouragement and support. Awww. Don't tell him I said that, though.

5. Boden. I am thankful that they make good quality, lasting clothes in a cut that is so suited to my body shape, even if sometimes I have to go back upstairs and change part of an outfit when I realise, yep, I'm wearing it head-to-toe again. This one also makes me thankful for my job, again, which funds the Boden habit.

6. My schooling. It led me to believe I could accomplish anything I want in life. This sometimes might make me a bit arrogant, but I often think that our most successful politicians and businesspersons have this attitude as well.

7. My parents. They taught me to travel, to eat adventurously, to keep trying, to be kind, good manners, Maths, some good listening skills and not to take things lying down.

8. That I am quite good with money. This is definitely not something I got from my parents, love 'em. It makes life easier now that I have learned it, though.

9. My quick wit. Even if I do say so myself.

10. As of today, my new cleaner. I finally recruited one - tick that off the goals list for this month. The bathroom is sparkling. I think she might actually have plumbed in new taps and fittings while we were out because I don't think the ones we had could ever have ended up so sparkling and clean. I can't wait for her to come back and get cracking on the kitchen.

List prompt from Carole - Happy Thanksgiving, Americans! Or as I like to call it, Thursday. If we celebrated Thanksgiving, I would be pretty thankful for a three day week; although we have a couple of non-teaching days this week for various events so that is almost as good.

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Bonny said...

Hope you have a Happy Thursday! I welcome the reminder that even though the rest of the world may not be gobbling up turkey and pumpkin pie with us, we're all thankful!