Saturday 30 November 2013

In the fridge

I've had a long day today at an excellent conference and have written five blog posts already today for my work blog. I also accidentally told somebody about this one - someone I had just met, and then worried she might find it. This is a bit of a sanctuary for me because only a few people I know in real life read it, and while I do realise that, yes, it is on the Internet, I would miss the voice I currently use if it became widely publicised and I had to start worrying about what different sets of people might think, which is what has happened to pretty much all my online spaces.

As an aside, I wonder if it would make a difference if lots of my real life acquaintances and friends were reading it, but I didn't know? That might be ok. I don't think I say anything especially incriminating.

Anyway, I digress. My point is, I am tired tonight and typing on the iPad is not my favourite thing, so I opened up blogger intending to publish a Portugal post, only I don't have one ready to go. Well, I do, but it's the last one, and there are two more to come before that. By this point I was already tucked up in bed with a cup of ginger hibiscus tea, it being the late hour of 9pm, and unable to rouse myself to go and take a picture of something to blog about. So, I was in a tight spot and went over to one of those BlogHer sites for a prompt. There is some weird shiz out there. I picked "Name five things inside your refrigerator right now and how you feel about them" because, well, why not? I love talking about food.

1. Spinach, in vast quantities. I get through about 2.3 bags a week with my breakfast smoothies so I always buy three and this has resulted in a back log. Luckily when cooked it shrinks to one fifteenth of its size and can be eaten very quickly, so it won't last long.

2. Salad. The bunny and I eat about five bags of mixed herb salad a week. We spoil him. There probably isn't any in there at the moment (I am still relaxing at Sib's pad in the Smoke) but it's part of my regular Asdal shopping order now. They usually bring it in two separate plastic bags.

3. Prosecco. There's always prosecco in my fridge, because you never know when there might be something to celebrate.

4. About 17 jars of almost-eaten pickled vegetables, mostly leftover from last Christmas. They don't look good and I am constantly wanting to throw them away, but Mr Z likes to keep them hanging around for some reason. 

5. Total 2% Greek yogurt. I was bereft when Asdal stopped stocking this. It is not as rich as the regular Total but much nicer than the 0%. Happily they brought it back. I don't buy it six tubs at a time as I used to (our apparently magic Smeg fridge keeps things fresh forever) since I am trying to be 85% paleo, but it is always there anyway.

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