Tuesday 19 November 2013

Tuesday Ten

CaroleKnits picked a knitted theme this week - Five Favourite Sweater Patterns and Five Favourite Yarns.


Araucania Azapa. Sadly discontinued. No matter that the yardage was short on the label - this is really lovely stuff.

Lorna's Laces Shepherd's Worsted. It's no surprise that this is on my list; I think I like Lion & Lamb more, but this is more versatile because it's superwash and not too warm to wear as a garment, which I think Lion & Lamb would be.

Patons Smoothie. I have a lot of this hanging around. I knitted a shrug from it once and it is warm without being stuffy. It's got excellent yardage and wears really well. 100% acrylic but totally non-squeaky. I think of this as acrylic done right - it's not trying to be wool.

Rowan Cocoon. Mmmmmmrph. It's so snug and cushy, I really love it. Having worked on this cardigan I fear I might be slightly allergic to mohair, though, because it kept making me sneeze. I don't want to think too much about that. Kidsilk doesn't make me sneeze. It might just be that it was a dusty day. Few days.

Knitwitches Silk Cashmere. Utter indulgence. I knitted a cowl out of this a few years ago and it is really warm, in spite of only being a 4 ply. I had intended to buy enough for a jumper and saved up, but that will have to be a dream for the future.

It was hard to narrow it down to five. I missed out King Cole Merino, my favourite workhorse yarn, and Lion & Lamb as I said, which might be my favourite yarn of all time, and Easyknits Deeply Wicked, which comes in such a beautiful range of colours.

Sweaters? Even harder. I haven't knitted a huge number, but here we go with the ones I like best - they're all Rav links.

Ingenue by Wendy Bernard. My newest sweater. Extremely wearable. Really quick to knit.

Garter Stitch pullover by Debbie Bliss. What I make for all babies. I used Rowan All Seasons Cotton because the yarn recommended for the pattern isn't machine washable. 

Shirley by Snowden Becker. My first top-down. Loved knitting with lace yarn, and because it's 100% silk it is super warm. I really must knit this again because I did make a few mistakes and the bind off is a bit tight, and the yarn is a bit too drapy really.

Ribbed Lace Corset by Annie Modesitt. This pattern was really what got me knitting properly. It was the second one I made (after the Central Park Hoody which was quite straightforward) and I wanted it so badly that I made myself learn the skills necessary, except for the crochet for the trim of course.

From This Day Forward by Ashley Knowlton. It was fun to knit and went quite quickly. I am still doing the equivalent of putting the book in the freezer with this cardigan because it's not going to turn out how I want it to, but that's not the fault of the pattern!

Love the topic this week!

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Donna said...

I'm horrible allergic to angora and even though I would love to have a soft sweater I know it would be a disaster for my nose!!