Monday 4 November 2013

A small win.

I know I have already blogged once today but I wanted to make a note of this. Today at Circuits I worked so hard that (a) I almost threw up and (b) actual steam came off my face. But that's not even the best bit!

For several years now I have found myself unable to do a proper quad stretch - that one where you reach behind you and grab your own foot and stretch the front of the thigh. It has nothing to do with balance - my balance is usually quite good; I just can't reach my foot. I can grab my ankle, but not my foot. I had always been able to do it in the past, so when I lost the ability I assumed this was to do with weight or lack of flexibility or something and resigned myself to bracing my foot against a wall or chair so I could reach it.

Today, I finally managed to grab my foot. Very pleased! I can tell the difference all this exercise is making to my fitness; it's quite nice to be able to actually keep up with a whole circuits class, even if I do choose lower-impact versions of some exercises still. But it's even better when the improved fitness manifests itself in such an obvious way.

Totally going to be able to do the splits by Christmas. Maybe.

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