Friday 22 November 2013

Fave Friday

SHAME. I forgot to post yesterday. In my defence, I had a record long work day and then drove to Southampton, where I spent the night with my aunt and uncle before a course today. I only remembered when I was in the pool after the course; no, it wasn't another Center Parcs course - I'm in Portsmouth with Mother Hand now.
And here I was, reading an old diary in bed and realised that I was about to miss Friday as well, which would make this officially the worst NaBloPoMo ever, but luckily I remembered. There are many possible favourites today: the meditative peace of swimming, watching the hovercraft go out, the PM show on Radio 4 (astonishingly funny today), reading old school reports...but I'll stick with this picture, I think.
People don't really know that Portsmouth is an island. You have to cross water to get to the city proper, albeit a puddle when the tide's out; but an island nevertheless. It's always nicest to drive in when the tide's in, because otherwise this stretch of land looks a bit rubbish and that's not a great first impression of the place.
There appears to be an amphibious landing craft on one edge now. It used to be a rusting boat hull. I took this picture from outside the Mountbatten Centre. In spite of growing up in this city I dont think I have ever observed this bridge, which I always associate with a sense of coming home, from this angle before.

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