Saturday 2 November 2013

October Goals Round Up

Go to the gym/a class/some exercise thing more than 15 times (thus beating September's total)

Yes. SIXTEEN! Still more than last month!

Lose 10lbs
I think I did. I have gained a little back this half term, but I'm pretty sure I got to 10.

Finish the Christmas jumper, aka "don't let the colourwork put you off"
Yes. It is finished. Looked great until I blocked it. Now looks like a festive tent.

Make a start on something else - gloves or socks or some kind of Christmassy thing. I have it in mind to knit the wreath from the latest Debbie Bliss magazine, and I want to make some more Yule trees
Yes - but none of those things. The blue jumper, instead, which I will hopefully have finished in time for a weekend FO post.

Do grandaughter duty, by phone or in person
No, I did not do this. Bad grandaughter.

Clear out the spare room
Sort of. I tidied it up. I found stuff I had unpacked from Lisbon, which I had forgotten about. It tends to be the room where I tip out my suitcase and then ignore the contents until I need them. There were still clothes from my summer holiday in the suitcase in there....but really, who needs summer holiday clothes in their real life? And who cares if I'm a slob? Really?

Visit Ikea for boxes and possible a sofa bed
 Yes. I bought boxes, but no sofa bed, for the time being. Really I have to finish clearing out the spare room so there is space for the sofa bed, and so that I can arrange for someone to take our single bed away without being too embarrassed to let them in the room.

Something worky...hmm. The stuff from last month will defo have to be done this month so it feels like cheating to put it on there. Instead - plan the New Exciting Project I have conceived; find some sixth formers to run it and do the paperwork.
So, I did make a start on the New Exciting Plan but I need to chase up my collaborator who needs to get back to me before I can continue. Embarrassingly, I still haven't done the stuff from last month, and it's even more urgent now.  I really did mean to do that in half term, too. Oh well. I'm greening it anyway because I did actually do the goal I had set myself.

A successful month, on the whole!

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