Friday 29 November 2013

Fave Friday

I'm hanging out at my brother's flat in London tonight. He's away for the weekend so I'm all alone and enjoying the very simple favourite combo of
1. Indian food with no rice and extra tandoori breads, just as I like it.
2. A really cheesy chick flick (The Wedding Planner)
3. Being in somebody else's house, with no work, so there is no associated "Must clean, must mark, must do something useful instead of watch this cheesy film" guilt
4. A sense of accomplishment after a good day at work
5. A sense of anticipation ahead of a conference I've been looking forward to tomorrow.

The company of Mr Z would top this off, but he would object to the film. I can understand why. But, sometimes it has to be done.

Happy weekend, all!

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