Monday 25 November 2013

Weekend WIP

I know the definition of madness is supposed to be doing the same thing over and over again, but I do so love this Eowyn mitt pattern.

This pattern was in a free Rowan booklet that came with Simply Knitting many years ago and this is my 7th pair. They are to replace the 5th pair, which I knitted in Kid Classic and Kidsilk Haze, for a secret Santa, but then Mother Hand spied them and so she got them instead. Then she washed them in the machine. Now they are just about good for pot holders.

The yarn I used for those is long since discontinued in the colours she loved so much, of course, so I knitted her some sage green cabled flip top mitts for Christmas, but she was not especially grateful. Well....she was grateful, but when I told her I had a surprise gift for her for Mother's Day (her favourite perfume) she got all excited thinking her I had knitted her a new pair of these.

Then I saw some Rowan Alpaca Colour in the right sort of colours, so here they are. They are double stranded and worked on 7mm needles so they go very quickly - I did the first one in the space of one film.

Frustratingly, the colour repeat on the Alpaca is very long, so the second mitt is an entirely new shade of pink. I keep thinking I should rip it back, wind it off and start again; but I don't want to, and I'm not sure she'll notice or mind too much. I might, though.

I have adjusted the pattern and am knitting it in the round, using magic loop. I think when I knit the lacey cuff I will probably knit it on using the join I learned from Victorian Lace Today. I really hate sewing up.

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