Monday 4 November 2013

Weekend WIP

I was so desperate to have this finished by the end of this weekend! But, sadly, work got in the way.


As you can see, I am very nearly there.I finished the first sleeve on Saturday, sewed in all the ends, and sewed the collar down, so it is just the second sleeve to go. I think I probably have 60ish rows left to go.

The colour looks pretty good in this picture, particularly where the sun hits it. I think the little bits of pale yarn in the stitchwork look a bit like little waves out to sea. Perhaps it needs a new name, to reflect ocean instead of lake.

It's been very economical with the yarn. This is under four balls' worth of jumper. I am taking from two skeins for the sleeves, because one of the skeins was extremely patchy (grr) but I reckon I will have more than a skein left over, which makes it less than 900m all in. Not bad at all.

In fact, this opens up a world of possibilities for all those four-skein lots of Lorna's Laces I have...

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