Tuesday 12 November 2013

Tuesday Ten

Carole's topic for this week is ten favourite Thanksgiving side dishes. This leaves me a bit non-plussed - I think there's one with sweet potatoes that have little marshmallows in them, which would probably be a bit sweet for me, and maybe tater tots, which I don't think really go with a roast, but other than that I am drawing a blank.

So, instead - Ten Ruminations on November

1. The mud around the drama block has started to get all churned up again from students running across it in rugby studs.
2. Does it get this dark by 5pm EVERY year?
3. I quite like the mist, especially in the mornings. I used to hate it and thought it made the world look like Mordor.
4. The colours in the trees are at their most beautiful so far this year, when, curiously, the beautiful leaves on the tree outside my house were all blown away in the storm two weeks ago.
5. It's mighty chilly. I made it to half term without donning a pair of tights and thought I might continue afterwards. That didn't even last a day.
6. The sun feels just that bit more welcome now than it did in early July, when we seemed to be getting a bit over it.
7. I like it when the sun shines on the damp fences and they steam, gently.
8. I was already quite excited for Christmas this year, with no holidays booked to look forward to (I know, what is the world coming to?), and the current clutch of Christmas adverts has just made me even more excited. I am mainly excited about Christmas decorations and paraphernalia. I am less enamoured of the idea of shopping.
9. I need to knit myself a pair of November gloves, or handwarmers. It's not desperate enough yet for the thrummed mittens but I need SOMEthing.
10. The mitten is starting to get her winter beard back. There's an element of panic in her, I think. She is racing around the house as if she is hoping it will somehow all come loose and she will be spared the indignity of having us cut it off in December when she is unable to clean herself properly without getting it in her mouth.

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