Friday 1 November 2013

Fave Friday

A bath product, to celebrate the return of the long hot bath.

This one is a Fizzbanger, by Lush. They reckon it smells like toffee apples but don't let that put you off (I know toffee apples are luscious but I don't know many people who actually want to smell like one). It's a much more subtle perfume than that to me, a bit reminiscent of one of their old Be Never scents, Love. Or, more precisely, the accompanying Love Apple bath product.

The thing I like the most about this one though is that it lingers. I wash my hair in the bath when I use this and then I get a swish of the scent every time I flick my hair about the next day. Which is a lot, because it smells good. It becomes a bit like this -

Except, obviously, I am not surrounded by adoring stares, but annoyed children, stuck with their work and unable to attract my attention.

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