Sunday 13 September 2015

Bristol Wool Fair

I went along to this yesterday. I didn't need any more yarn, but I wanted to support it because it was local and there were going to be Vikings there, which I wanted to see.

Well, of course more yarn happened. I bought this -

Mmmm, Fivemoons! The darker grey is 100% BFL aran weight, from the sale bin. The other two are a silk/wool blend and are going to create a stripey yoke for a top-down raglan I have in mind.

This peeped out of a sale bin at me and even though the yarn is pretty scratchy I just love the colours in it, so I thought I would put up with it and make a hat or something.

On my way out, the Knitting Swede reeled me in. 1400m of 4-ply in Burlesque. I just couldn't resist the colour.

It was a great event - I got to see the vikings...

I also had a good look round the farm shop and stocked the freezer. This farm used to supply all the meat to my local butcher, who long-time readers might recall suffered a fiery fate (the shop, not the man) a few years ago. It was a relief to find a familiar-looking butcher counter.

A great event, all things considered. I hope it comes back next year.

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