Saturday 12 September 2015

Time well spent? Or time, well, spent.

I have this big bundle of yarn in my stash. I'm pretty sure it's Rowan Yorkshire Tweed DK.

I rummaged out of a box at Fibrefest in 2009. The chap on the stall seemed a bit meh about it and said it had been for the next day but he would sell it to me for £30. Emma and April bought similar bundles, but they paid theirs forward at some point afterwards.

Me being me, this got listed in my stash, Mr Z took one pass at untangling it and then it was put away and not thought about. However, since Rowan discontinued the colourway and then the yarn (I think it was in that order), every so often somebody leaves a comment on my stash or contacts me, as they did last night. So, this morning I thought I would haul it out and have a looking at what I was actually dealing with.

Firstly, my estimate of 1500g was extremely generous - the scale said 685g.
Secondly....just, ugh. Not only are there dozens of ends, but the yarn is so lightly twisted it comes apart with only the smallest provocation. Mr Z and I whiled away some hours today (him considerably more than me, admittedly) trying to get it into something workable.

The good thing about it is that it felts with relative ease so I have spit spliced in several of those smaller pieces now and I have three good-sized cakes out of my portion, which was less than half. And having done all the spit splicing and seeing what poor condition this yarn is in, I have absolutely no guilt about not selling it on to anybody who has shown an interest in it. It would definitely be a curse rather than a blessing.

Will I knit something with it? Hopefully. It seems a rotten waste otherwise.

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