Saturday 5 September 2015

The Bikram Diaries: 6

Obvs I haven't done a lot of bikram in the last couple of months, as I think I mentioned in my last post. I am going to go again later, assuming either the shopping or Mr Z arrives before 4.30 this afternoon. There's no sense in putting it off and I have back pain which will be soothed and improved by the yoga. And also by the ensuing weight loss, I reckon. Holidays have not been good for the old waistline.

I did make it to a yoga class on holiday, though. I went to the delightful Bikram Las Vegas studio which happens to be just a short drive from Father Hand's house (short, as long as you don't miss your turning). I went there the day after we flew in in an attempt to deal with my jet lag.

The studio is really lovely - bright and airy, thanks to one wall being windows looking out into the car park (with that film on them to stop people seeing in, natch). Tonnes of mirrors. The most amazing, enormous showers with shampoo AND conditioner. Friendly, helpful staff who let me take the class and pay afterwards because I was late, thanks to all the driving around. A lovely selection of yoga wear. A very friendly instructor who I think was a bit nervous in a silent room of only 6 students, because he kept trying to make us laugh.

The class did not go well, though. I mean, I knew it wouldn't what with all the flying and everything, but it was a really bad one. I sat out a lot of second postures. It is probably the closest I have ever been to throwing up in a class. I don't think it helped that the instructor periodically turned on the fans and even the air conditioning, which cooled the room down considerably - it was shortly after each of these cool bursts that the nausea overtook me. I was quite surprised because he told me at the start that the studio had a reputation for being particularly hot. Well, Bristol apparently has that reputation too (according to one of their travelling instructors) and I know which one is hotter.

I also found it a bit odd that, when we did what I refer to as the sideways poses (including triangle), instead of having us turn on our mats to face the mirrors at the end, or having us turn our mats around (there was plenty of room), we just did the poses facing the front, feet either side of the mat. Fine, ok, but the floor was carpeted and my feet had no grip. Not pleasant. No rug burns or anything, just no grip.

I decided that the next day I would risk the wrath and turn my mat. I made it back to the 7.30am class the next morning (thank you, jet lag) but, disappointingly, no instructor turned up so the dozen or so of us that crawled out of bed for the pleasure were left kicking our heels in the car park. Sadface. I emailed to query it but received no response. This kind of let them down a bit; I was sorry not to practise in that great space for a second time. Nevermind: there will definitely be a next time.

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