Sunday 27 September 2015

Weekend WIP

I didn't pause for thought, I just waded straight on into endpaper mitt number two this week. A train journey to London and carefully planned 30-minute work break on Sunday mean I have managed three pattern repeats and am now halfway through the thumb increases.

I was quite pleased that I recognised that I'd worked the bottom ribbing of mitt one as a twisted rib. It would have been helpful if I had noted what cast on I used, since I just did my regular cast on on mitt two and it is (a) different and therefore (b) has created a longer piece of ribbing, even though it's the same number of rows. It also looks smaller, but I am hoping this is because mitt 1 blocked out exceptionally well. I soaked it and pulled it over a large shampoo bottle to dry.

I expect I used the weird Italian tubular (?) cast on specified in the pattern - I was very much a pattern-follower in 2009. 2015 Sally could not be bothered to look this up, recognising that any delay might mean the second mitt never got started, and just got stuck in.

Ah. Having just looked at the pattern for the name of that cast on, I see the pattern specifies 2mm DPNs for all the ribbing. This explains why my second mitt ribbing is longer, and why my first mitt top ribbing is looser than the bottom ribbing - I incorrectly assumed I was going down one needle size from the body of the mitt, not five needle sizes.

Meh. They'll be under a jacket sleeve anyway, who cares? I just want them finished!

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