Sunday 6 September 2015

Weekend FO-cum-WIP

The Fossil is sort of finished.

Pattern: Fossil by Marie Wallin
Yarn: Damask - 6 balls of light blue, somewhere under 2 balls of dark blue
Needle: 3.75mm and 3.25mm
Mods: Substantial. I knitted this top down and in the round instead of bottom up and pieced. I added a bit to the neckline to give it more coverage. I am in the process of adding sleeve edgings.

I think, on balance, I can cope with the neckline. When I look at it I wish it was garter stitch all the way to where the blue changes but, meh. I will stick this in the boat I call - when I'm wearing it I won't be able to see it so it doesn't matter - and let it sail away, as it were.

I am, however, taking the advice of several people and adding some sleeve edging in the darker blue. I picked up stitches and and working a 2x2 rib. So, it's not actually a FO, yet, but I am too desperate to finish it to continue calling it a WIP.

It is a lovely top, to be fair. The Damask is deceptively warm and has great drape. I like the curly bottom and it's a good opaque fabric (I am wearing a bright pink vest top under it in these pictures). Here I am rocking it in the summer chair I bought from B& has been raining basically since I bought it so I haven't had much chance to sit in it.

New skirt, too. I love it. I am becoming a walking advert for Boden.

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