Sunday 23 October 2016

Weekend WIP

Linen: After the love has gone.

This picture is all dark at the top because I was looming over it like Trump over Hillary at that presidential debate. But you can see that I am FINALLY onto the last stripe. I was prevaricating because I didn't have enough yarn to get an even stripe of that dark blue at the bottom, which sent me into a sulk because I thought I had planned it so perfectly.

But, you can see from this picture of two weeks ago that I have made some progress:

This evening I was going to wind the yarn for my next project, but I doggedly stuck with this one. I reckon, if the yarn holds out, I am about 8 rows from finishing the body. I think the neckline and armholes will have to be in the sea green, as I don't have enough left of the others, but I don't think they will take long. Then I can get back to knitting something soft and warm and appropriate to the season.

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