Monday 15 May 2017

Scenes from the Classroom #30

Me: So, year 11, how does this work with the study leave, then?
Them: We don't have to come in for the half day before an exam from now on. But some of us might anyway.
Me: OK, so I will plan lessons in case you are in, then. I will be teaching the lesson if you are here or not, so assume you can always come in. I will probably teach to an empty classroom, if you are not here.
H: ...will you Miss?
Me: Er, no.
K: I can actually imagine you doing that, though.
H: We should try to catch her doing it.
Me: I won't be doing it.
K: You can say that, but I can definitely imagine it.

Happy to see that my passion for the job has made an impression.

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