Sunday 4 June 2017

Weekend WIP

I'm still plugging away at this sweater I offered to test knit, but feeling very guilty because the designer published the pattern last week and I am still on the sleeves. Shame, shame, shame.

I have finished the body, to which I added some increases and a little extra length - I think 2 inches more. I've also picked up for the neckline and knitted that. The pattern just says, pick up every stitch and knit it, but that made me a little nervous so I roughly measured the neckline and made sure I had about 40 sts either side of the V, which seemed to work out. This meant picking up every stitch and knitting 2 in every 3. I don't think I pick up stitches the same way everyone else does, but it works for me.

I worked my favoured icord bind off on the neckline and it looks very neat. I am pleased with it.

This term might be a little quieter, since I'm not doing the usual exam board work. So, hopefully the sleeves will be done quickly. She says, hopefully.

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