Wednesday 7 June 2017

Wonderwool 2017

After spending a chunk of my Christmas holiday reorganising and properly recording my stash, I was not in the mood for buying enormous quantities of yarn at Wonderwool this year, especially since I had only knitted up three of the things I bought last year. I had a little list: some black or dark grey 4-ply for a stripey jumper; something for the v-neck I am test knitting; and something from Fivemoons, because I was currently knitting the last of my Fivemoons stash.

Pleasingly, I managed to stick to my little list and not a great deal more. Here's what I got:

Five skeins of Triskelion , which is a luscious blend of alpaca, silk and cashmere goat. It is nearly all used up already, because I bought it for the v-neck pattern (tick)

Fivemoons - three skeins of charcoal grey 4-ply (tick)...

...four skeins of variegated purple DK (tick). Both of these were in the sale bin, hurrah! Bargains galore.

There were a few other bits:

I mean, obviously. This is by Hand-dyed by Kate for Sally. I might have added that last bit on but, come on.

I got these mini skeins (top ones pinker than they look; bottom ones earmarked for Mother Hand) to make some shawls, alongside this:

More luscious Triskelion. I know the lady who works the stall quite well and I'm sure she must rub her hands together gleefully whenever she sees me coming.

This was entirely unnecessary but just too pretty to leave behind. It was by Pook, which I initially misheard as Puke - totally inappropriate for the colourways but it did stick. They very cleverly had lots of samples knitted up and this was gorgeous as a shawl.

I got this our of Jenny's destash. I have such plans for it! Great big bundle of summer top promise.

No buttons. None! And I came home with money in my little bag. Though, the list does seem long now I have written it all down....maybe it's because they're mostly minis, that it feels like less.

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