Tuesday 6 June 2017

Tuesday Ten

Ten Plans for the Summer

1. Massive lie in on July 10th. We break up two weeks earlier than everyone else, so this is obligatory.

2. Galapagos Islands. I'm going to cruise round them with a tour group and take pictures of as many different animals as possible. I hope to swim with some nosey sea lions. I aim to jump off the boat into the Pacific, but we'll see how cold it is first.

3. Machu Picchu. SO EXCITED! It's been top of my travel list for ages and ages. I can't wait to go.

4. Celebrating Peru's national day in Cusco. This also happens to be our wedding anniversary, steel, so I had better spend a little time shopping for a present to make it up to Mr Z, who is staying at home with the cat.

5. Doing bikram yoga in Lima. I thought it would be fun to try it in another language. I am hoping that, having now racked up about 80 classes, I know the spiel well enough to be able to follow it in Spanish.

6. Spending my birthday at home. I know, right? First time since 2012. My intention is to go to yoga in the morning and then go to knitting group with a cake. Or buy everyone cake, if we're in a cafe.

7. Italy with Mother Hand. We're going to Siena, where she visited last year but did not see much, due to reasons. Then we'll stay in Lucca for the end of the week and hopefully see the leaning tower in Pisa before flying home.

8. Work conference in Durham. Logistical nightmare because it starts the morning after we fly back from Italy, but I've never been to Durham so when school asked if anyone wanted to go, I was pleased to be able to get a space.

9. Tom's wedding in Wales. It's taking place on the coast somewhere. Excited about spending two nights away with Mr Z, for a change.

10. France with Tutt. We're looking at Brittany this year, but probably not camping again. I think Tutt had enough tent time last year.

Really excited by all of these plans and feeling very lucky. However, next summer I will be at home for most of it, due to new exam board job, so I have really tried to squeeze it all in this year.

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