Wednesday 11 October 2017

Scenes from the Classroom #34

I've got a very confident girl in my year 7 class.

Today, someone asked me how to spell abattoir. I couldn't remember if it was one b or two, so I wrote them both on the board and selected the one that looked correct. I think this is an important modelling thing to do with students. Also, I don't use the word abattoir very often.

K: *hand straight up*
Me: (momentarily doubts the spelling, but only momentarily)
Me: Yes, K?
K: Miss, as somebody who very rarely makes spelling mistakes, I can confirm that that is correct.
Me: Thank you very much, K!
Class: *snigger*

She does delight in showing off her excellent literacy skills, but I had to bite back from saying, "As somebody who always uses full sentences, remind me to show you how."

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