Tuesday 10 October 2017

Travel Tuesday: Salzburg

When Zoe and I skied in April, we went to spend a day roaming Salzburg and soaking up the culture.

It's quite a compact little city with the river running alongside the old town, so we walked everywhere we wanted to go. By the time we'd managed the public transport from our ski area it was lunchtime, and pouring with rain, so we stopped in a little courtyard Italian restaurant before going on to the castle.

They are obsessed with Mozart, and ducks (there's some kind of sports team that explains the latter). So, this display of Mozart eyeing a rubber duck doppelganger of himself nervously whilst holding a selfie stick is not that odd.

The castle had the best views across the city and we enjoyed the funicular.

The cathedral was also very picturesque.

We came back to Salzburg at the end of the trip; the railway station has luggage lockers so we stashed everything and went off to see a couple of things we'd missed the first time round - namely, the bridge they used in the Sound of Music, and the Augustiner Brau, a brewery and monastery with a huge food court that came highly recommended by a fellow history teacher friend.

I gather we missed a few key things out, particularly the Sound of Music tour and some kind of local salt mine which gives the city its name. Good reasons to return.

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