Saturday 20 October 2018

Weeknote: 20/10

The blue jumper is finally finished! More on that tomorrow. I am delighted that it is done and I can start thinking forward. I pulled out some Cascade and started knitting Christmas tree cones again at knitting group today. I first made some of these back in 2011 and vowed that I would knit a forest of them ready for Christmas 2012. So, that went well. I'm thinking I might spend some time knitting trees, roses and hexagons for a while. I need things that are achievable.

Going to:
There was a good lecture day on the Suffragettes on Monday, that I took students to. Very enjoyable, even if I did stress myself out by driving them there on the minibus.

I went to an excellent lecture on Wednesday night about bronze statues, why they are erected, who pays for them, whether they should remain, etc. It was mainly about a prominent unpopular Bristol statue that I won't name for fear for Google. The audience were teachers, students and a bunch of old men, as usual. I knew we were in trouble when the old man next to me muttered, 'Oh, dear old Gladstone!' when a photograph of a Gladstone statue was shown, and sure enough, the lecture descended into a very sedate slanging match when the presenter said, 'Are there any questions?' and the man in front of me put his hand up immediately, beginning with the words, 'Well *I* think...' #thatisnotaquestion
Some of my students went and I was pleased that they got to see how adults disagree.

I went back to ballet after not going for a while. I have realised that I don't like it because I want it to be exercise whereas it is actually art. This, weirdly, has helped me to enjoy it more. I won't be sorry when the course finishes, though.

Obsessed with:
Trying to get to yoga. I have not managed it. My neck hurts basically all the time now, so it is becoming more urgent. Roll on half term.

See above. HALF TERM NOW PLEASE. The students are all looking a bit dead-eyed too, which makes me feel better. Three more teaching days to go.

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