Saturday 6 October 2018

Weeknote: 6/10

I finally cracked the second sleeve and am onto the sleeve cap. I've got about 40 rows left, I think, then I need to sew them in so I can do the neckline. I've got a train journey to Portsmouth coming up so I'm hoping to get to the neckline point in time for that.

Going to:
On Sunday I had a wander around Stanborough Park with my old friend Stu. I was staying in Herts for the weekend. Driving around it was really weird; I spent a lot of time there in my formative years but never as a driver, so it looked entirely unfamiliar whilst at the same time being very familiar, if that makes sense. It made me think about echoes of people. Are there echoes of me left there still? That makes even less sense!

I stayed with my friend Dawn in Herts. On Sunday night we were going to have a restful evening in with Heathers, but then one of her radiators started a huge and inexplicable leak all over the TV so we had to turn it off. Turns out British Gas installed it less than two weeks ago. Yes, the same British gas whose boiler went pop in our house (and was installed on a combustible backboard, thanks BG) two weeks ago, thanks to their extremely dodgy 'service' plan that doesn't actually involve doing any servicing. I told her our tale of woe as a warning.

Monday was a ski day. I didn't have to be at the ski centre until 10am so I got a decent lie in, too. A whole day of skiing! What a treat. My quads were not happy by the end, though. I was irritated by a teacher from a very, very posh and famous private boarding school who introduced himself by saying that, as a private school trip organiser he wasn't forced to follow the same tough risk assessments that state schools have to. Er, yeah mate, you are on the same course though....and also, I'm glad I don't have any kids going on your trips, with that attitude.

But the skiing was good.

The rest of the week has been quite quiet, really. Just trying to get back on top of the workload. Thursday was brutal but the light is on at the end of the tunnel now. Two and a half weeks to half term.

Entertained by:
Dawn and I saw Six the Musical on Saturday night; it was A. MAZ. ING. I bought the soundtrack on the train away and booked tickets to see it in Southampton as soon as we got home. I know the words to most of the songs now.

I have been loving Killing Eve. I want half the wardrobe, for starters. I always think Jodie Comer seems so familiar and I'm sure I must know her from something other than a supporting role in Dr Foster.

I watched that two-part series about Princess Margaret today, that was on the BBC last month. Very interesting; I hadn't realised she was quite so scandalous. Go Princess M.

Last Saturday was spent in Oxford, workshopping lessons with the author of a book about the lives of black people in England in the 16th and 17th centuries. It was inspiring to spend the day with geeky like-minded history teachers and I met a few people I have interacted with a lot on Twitter, which is always nice.

I had some after-school training for yet another new exam board role I've picked up, that I now feel I've been mis-sold. The training wasn't very informative. The trainer was snotty about 'unprofessional email addresses' and suggested everybody register a specific gmail account to use for their exam board work. I am fairly sure he meant mine, which is of the same domain as this blog. I might register {exam board name}@{domain} and use that instead. Or I might just quit. It's not my usual exam board and I think they've been underhand about the amount of work the job entails.

A little frantic at the end of the week, but I've had a very chilled out day today and done absolutely no work. Just knitting group, knitting in front of the TV and this blog. Delightful.

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