Thursday 1 July 2021

June round up

Books read: I finished Children of Blood and Bone which was really engaging, so much so that I immediately bought the sequel for my Kindle...and then lost interest. So I powered through The Broker by John Grisham (I don't remember the casual sexism from the books I read in my youth, I used to love John Grisham, but perhaps I am just older and angrier now) and I am about halfway through The Return by Victoria Hislop, set in the Spanish Civil War. Mother Hand is thrilled that I am finally reading all the books she has given me over the past decade.

Metres knitted: Some, but not 1000. I finished Madison, which used 280g of 4-ply in the much Cat and Sparrow left, I could make a whole new project with it. So let's call that 300m. I dutifully picked up a new L&L colour and did five more hexagons, so that was another 190m. And I binged on yet another garter stitch baby jumper in some Smoothie, another 320m (I have a lot of FO posts to be writing). 810m. Not bad. It's been a busy month.

Sleep: see above. That busyness I feel sure has contributed to my inability to sleep this month, along with the heat. I have been lying awake for longer than usual and then having some really vivid and quite sinister dreams just before waking up. Yesterday my brain did this wildly interesting thing where it created pictures to go with the news stories I was hearing on the radio alarm. I wasn't dreaming about news story-adjacent things - I was understanding the radio and my brain was creating a picture reel to go with it. So there was a story about wild boar mating with escaped pigs in Fukushima and my brain conjured a boar, then when the radio said the boars had pig-like features, it morphed it into a slightly chubbier shape and gave it brown piggy spots. 

No cheese before bed, no. I suspect perimenopause. 

Pounds lost: In another tale from the 'my body is weird' archive, I gained and lost 8lbs this month. So I am still x stone 1lb. I've got into an excellent habit of batch cooking lunches, just in time for school to end. Eating when not in a school routine is my next mountain to conquer.

Blogging: No. I don't want to count the hours I've given to the exam board this month because it will just frustrate me. It has swallowed all the joy out of computer time. 

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