Wednesday 28 May 2008

It may all be worth it

I have finished a swatch in the actual yarn, ready for making measurements and applying them to my chart. Mmm, look how pretty...

It's funny, you know, because even though, if you asked me what my favourite colour is, I'd dither around red and purple, judging from all the knitting I do it's quite obviously blue.

I had to get up early today to go to the dentist. I dutifully flossed last night and everything (this does occur fairly regularly, though not every day)....I don't really understand why I make my teeth cleaner to go and get them cleaned - it's a bit like cleaning the house for your cleaner.

I'm going to get a cleaner. I don't care what Mr Z says. There needs to be somebody in this house armed with a duster who actually cares about the state of the skirting boards, and that person is not me.

Anyway. Dentist. Got up really early...8.30am, for crying out loud, and it's the holidays! ... was there before the dentist opened. Dentist receptionist unable to find my name in the book, and then I realised my appointment isn't until Thursday. Boo. Two more days of fretting about impending toothache. The dentist is what I imagine when I have something else that hurts. "Doesn't hurt as bad as toothache, doesn't hurt as bad as toothache" is my mantra for whatever waxings or pluckings or sports injuries (ha!) that might be occurring. This is no good to me when it's toothache I'm trying to ignore. Truthfully, the only thing that keeps me flossing and gagging on that vile mouthwash, the only thing that gets me over the sink with a brush when I'm too tired to even see myself in the mirror, is the fear of a root canal on the NHS, and I'm much too left-wing to pay for private dental care.

Well, I'm too cheap if we're being honest about it.

Now, I need to go and select which pair of shoes will be accompanying me to the Sex and the City Longwell Green premiere tomorrow night.

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