Wednesday 14 May 2008

Nostalgia - not what it used to be

I was flicking through my old diaries last night and making myself cringe. Good grief. I was an absolutely typical teenager, it's all about boys and school. Some of it's so cringey I can barely bring myself to read it.

My handwriting's very neat, though, and it's amazing how much information I can squeeze into a small space. It's also quite fun to look back over all the old timetables, ticket stubs &c. that I hoarded along with my entries. And reading my detailed descriptions of the outfits I wore will surely be useful one day in the future.

I will undoubtedly have to burn them if I ever decide to have a child, though.

It's a shame that time has moved on and I don't keep a diary that way anymore. I don't have anywhere to put all the timetables and ticket stubs I still save. I'll never remember what I have been wearing for the past 7 years. And, though I have this, it is quite evident I'm not as good at keeping up with it as I was with the paper diary. But here's a snapshot of today, for nostalgia's sake.

It's Wednesday. I have a full teaching day today. My PGCE student has an interview so I am currently babysitting the class she usually teaches for me while they watch, enthralled, a video about the atomic bomb dropping on Hiroshima. I have just been reminded that that happened on my birthday (though many years before I was born).

It's sunny outside but it was overcast first thing and I think it might rain later. I am wearing black trousers and a red and white flowery empire top, and beige Clarks sandals which don't match the outfit, but my feet are sore from too much heel-wearing, particularly at the weekend, and my trousers are so long that you can't really see the shoes. I'm wearing red glasses today because my eyes are also tired. I had muesli for breakfast and I have a fritatta and some jelly for lunch.

I am tired! I am not feeling it this week. Yesterday was especially tough: I didn't teach until after lunch for a variety of reasons and I was just not in the mood. Today is little different. I have to go and give a short talk to SMT after school to convince them to let me run a charity week in the future, and I'm going to Ali's tonight. I just to go home, picking up a bottle of Pimms and another of lemonade on the way home, and lie in my hammock and nap and read. BLEUGH! That is how I am feeling today.

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Unknown said...

A disservice. That's what you've done to me today. You've made me pull out one of my old journals and start reading. There's some weird crap in there. Originally I had planned to include a bit in response to yours, but yours includes a lot of concrete-details and descriptions of self and environment, whereas mine just has terrrible moaning and pouting.