Monday 26 May 2008

Obsession, thy name is lacework chart

Three hours later...

I was so pissed off with it by the end that I went downstairs and made cupcakes and tidied the hall. I can't even look at a knitting needle until tomorrow at the earliest.

I hope it works. I intend to swatch the pattern in something squeaky and cheap before I go near the Baby Kid. At least that chart is for both front portions plus the back, with all increases included - so it is the only one I'll be needing.

I made some good cupcakes. They are chocolate with a peanut butter filling (how very American) and a chocolate frosting. They are from this blog I like to read when I am desirous of cake.


Berrysmom said...

Hi Sally - Your husband sounds like a winner! Please thank him for his offer. I'm guessing you're in the UK (we don't say "bank holiday" in the U.S.), so I don't think I want to spring for the postage.

Besides, I spent about an hour on the mess tonight and actually made quite a bit of progress (like, maybe it's 1/10 untangled? maybe less...) I think I will just follow the advice on the Ravelry forum and patiently, slowly untangle it by hand.

fourchette said...

Sally, how could you put up the link to these divine cup cakes? You are evil (but thank you ;D)
I instantly put at least 2kg on, just browsing the recipes, let alone that I almost drowned my keyboard in drool...