Wednesday 22 April 2009

Happy Wednesday!

I don't know whether I explained this before, but Wednesday is a bad day for me this year - at least, Wednesday week 1 is - because I have 6 lessons. We teach a 5 lesson day, but sometimes sixth form have period 6 because that's the only way the timetable works. If you have period 6, you get a protected free, which is supposed to be earlier in the same day. My protected free is on Tuesday. So today I teach double year 11, double year 10 (Business Studies, followed by History) and then double year 12, and I am fit to drop by the end of it, and then ruined for the rest of the week.

Today is a happy Wednesday indeed because it was one of those Wednesdays AND IT IS NOW OVER! That means, only two more of these horrible Wednesdays left, ever. I have them marked on my calendar. Thankfully, being mostly exam classes, as of May half term they will never be the same again.

At least my other Wednesday has a free in the middle, so I only have to put up with this horrible day once a fortnight.

Anyway, I was looking for pictures of the magnificent lynx in my History lesson today; we were talking about the Norman Forest laws and how they protected the deer, and I recalled a news story about the lynx being reintroduced into the wild in the UK to control the spiralling population of deer. I may have dreamt it, but it made an interesting 5 minute diversion to the lesson at a point where one was beneficial to all.

I wanted to find a picture of a lynx next to a person or something for scale, so I looked quite a long way through Google images, and then I found this -

Maybe you had to be there, but it did strike me (and the class) as very funny that this picture should come up, in the midst of pictures of real lynx. Lynxes. Lynxi. Er....whatever the plural is.

So, it turns out this cat is actually named Lynx - or was - which clears it up, but it did look a bit out of place in amongst the others.

There's a cute blog that goes along with this cat - I especially like the picture of the birthday cake. I'm trying to imagine, though, what might happen to me if I were to put my cat into a little striped shirt....and I'm sort of imagining being asleep and really warm and cuddly but feeling a bit unwell, and then slowly waking up and realising, yes, she is lying on my face and smothering me to death.

Here endeth the pointless post of today.

My next post will be post number 100 on this blog!

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