Monday 27 April 2009

Weekend FO

My hundredth post on this blogger-hosted blog! How exciting. Only took me two years. I hope I get to 200 before this time next year. I wonder how many posts I've done in total - I'll have been blogging for an entire decade this autumn. Wow, that makes me feel old.

This weekend's FO was sadly not finished until Monday but if you do a bit of time swapping and pretend I did the coursework marking today and the knitting yesterday, you can just about stretch it...

Pattern: Liesl by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Maya - leftovers from the Central Park Hoody. I think I used 3 and a bit skeins, but I was dumb and didn't count, and I can't remember how many skeins I started with. 3 and a bit works out to be the right yardage, but it might have been 4 and a bit.
Needle: Knitpicks Harmony, 7mm
Mods: None, really, since this pattern is made to be modded. I knit the wider neckline, stopped at hip length, and went for elbow length sleeves. I also knitted the 38, which is 2 sizes down from what I would normally choose for a cardi meant to have a little positive ease, but I wanted something tight. Drapey cardigans are not friends to girls who really have to show off their waists to prove they are not completely rotund.
I did just mean to knit one size down, though. Not sure how that happened.

I used the icord bind off again, it looks good. I also bought some big poppers for closing, but I am not sure about them yet - I might have one popper at the top, and then stitch some ribbon half way down so I can tie it shut.

I am moderately pleased with it. It certainly busted the stash (though I have just under 2 skeins left...) The sleeves are a little tight - just means I can't wear it over anything long sleeved which is kind of the point anyway - and they might not be quite long enough, but that would be easily fixed if I changed my mind.

The picture was taken at knitting group last week so I could get an idea of the length. I am having a fat day today and can't manage to take a good picture of myself in this, and Mr Z is sleeping, so the blurry camera picture will have to do. There might be a better picture in the future.

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