Sunday 28 June 2009

Blog Interrupted

To quote a LOLcat somewhere - I has teh ill.

I have been having stomach pains every few weeks since January. The GP sent me for a scan which revealed gallstones, but she said I wasn't ill enough to warrant an op.

Well, I showed her!

After several days of constant stomach ache, by Thursday I was unable to eat anything without being sick (witness: I had to pull over on my way home from work to vom up 2 segments of satsuma), and by Friday I had such blinding pain that the GP admitted me to hospital, where they have the morphine.

Then it was a bit better.

Then I ate some lunch on Saturday and it was worse, and they gave me more morphine.

Then it was a bit better.

Today they have let me out for a couple of hours so I can do some work and tie up some loose ends for work - this is really bad timing, since that conference I have been organising for 14 schools starts tomorrow and I am smack bang in the middle of marking. But oh well. Better now than while I'm on holiday. Tomorrow, assuming hundreds of emergency appendectomies don't come in, I'll be parting company with my gall bladder and normal service will resume.

But no OLS for the last week, because I basically haven't eaten anything, really.
And no Fave Friday because I spent most of Friday crying and sketching out on painkillers.
And no Tuesday ten next week either, because I'll be in until at least Wednesday, I think. I don't know for sure, though, because nobody has sat me down and talked me through what's happening. Luckily I had already done all the research online. Doctors love people like me, don't they?

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Elizabeth said...

My housemate has just had her gallbladder removed, and I heard that my cousin's son's girlfriend had hers removed too. Must be something in the air...